In Our Bones read in its entirety by Sherry Plath O’Keefe. Click the links below or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode 1: The TVs Went Blank

This is the introductory chapter to the new dystopian thriller – In Our Bones. In this chapter we meet the main character, Lauren, learn more about the chaos that’s her life, and witness the demise of American democracy.  https://anchor.fm/in-our-bones/episodes/The-TVs-Went-Blank-el0luf

Episode 2: Bubble of Concern

This episode jumps a decade in the future after America’s decline is on full display. Lauren makes a disturbing discovery and learns a deadly secret. https://anchor.fm/in-our-bones/episodes/Episode-2-Bubble-of-Concern-elf1ok

Episode 3: Party Related Hoopla

In this episode, we meet a set of missionaries looking to convert Lauren, attend a party over-run by hungry guests, and Lauren meets her new love. https://anchor.fm/in-our-bones/episodes/Episode-3-Party-Related-Hoopla-elg16a

Episode 4: Mocking

Lauren and Bryan go on their first date. They go into town where the city of Rochester has been transformed into a shell of itself. https://anchor.fm/in-our-bones/episodes/Episode-4-Mocking-elg34f

Episode 5: Innumerable Particles

Bryan’s abuse escalates as Lauren begins to come to terms with her innermost feelings. https://anchor.fm/in-our-bones/episodes/Episode-5-Innumerable-Particles-elg4ms

Episode 6: What He’s Capable Of

Lauren is imperiled as Bryan’s racist militia gains power. https://anchor.fm/in-our-bones/episodes/Episode-6-What-Hes-Capable-Of-elg6pu

Episode 7: With Child

Lauren must find courage as she makes her escape and meets a mentor who helps her navigate unexpected waters. https://anchor.fm/in-our-bones/episodes/Episode-7-With-Child-elg8u6

Episode 8: Three Words

Lauren is getting stronger as she begins coming to terms with who she is and what she wants. She reunites with her sister and meets her nephew again after years apart. https://anchor.fm/in-our-bones/episodes/Episode-8-Three-Words-elgjrd

Episode 9: Peeling Away

Lauren, her sister Rachel, and nephew Ben prepare to flee the city. Lauren also learns the true story behind her nephew’s adoption. https://anchor.fm/in-our-bones/episodes/Episode-9-Peeling-Away-elgkd5

More Episodes Coming Soon!

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