#5 – Live Video

In this video, bear with me as my son bangs on the wall upstairs (I have an indoor swing without enough clearance 🙂 ) I work from home and a mom and puppy mom, so there’s always something going on. But, I also hope you’ll appreciate insights into my novel, my life, and my takes on politics and what’s going on on with the world. I want to help you understand what’s going on, not just talk at you.

Published by Pernell Plath Meier

Pernell Plath Meier grew up on the Iowa side of the Mississippi in the Quad Cities. She left behind a life of traumatic chaos to move out on her own at fifteen. She earned undergraduate science degrees with honors in biology, anthropology, and environmental studies, followed by graduate degrees in sustainable agriculture and anthropology at Iowa State University. She’s worked and traveled in ten countries, including a long-ago trip to see the Grateful Dead in Canada. After college, she moved to Kentucky to help farmers transition from tobacco production to local foods. She found her way to Southeast Minnesota and spent nearly twenty years raising gardens, chickens, dogs and cats, while homeschooling her five adopted children. Today Pernell juggles day to day life as a single mom with three kids still at home, a smaller flock of chickens and a new puppy, Buddy. Prior writings have centered on adoption and gardening.

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