Red and the Russians

“They didn’t really care that much about who won at first, because they didn’t think the prez was going to get elected either. We were far easier to manipulate than the Russian dictator Putin could have imagined in his wildest wet dreams. He just wanted to stir up shit here and weaken the person who finally won. Russia is a country that was once a superpower, but has been fading. Putin wanted to throw his weight around on the world stage. He loves his useful idiot now, though. He’s not giving him up. Fucking Putie Pie.” Red pretended to gag.

How Dystopian Fiction Changed My Worldview

To say I was a quirky kid would be an understatement. I preferred spending time with trees than people. Trees don’t yell or make you feel small. Trees shelter and protect, and that’s just what the little copse of bushy trees did for me as a kid. I would snuggle in the middle of their hollowed out area with a blanket and book and pretend as if nothing else existed. My early favorites were science-fiction and fantasy, but fairly quickly I moved onto more intense works of fiction, including dystopia.