How Dystopian Fiction Changed My Worldview

To say I was a quirky kid would be an understatement. I preferred spending time with trees than people. Trees don’t yell or make you feel small. Trees shelter and protect, and that’s just what the little copse of bushy trees did for me as a kid. I would snuggle in the middle of their hollowed out area with a blanket and book and pretend as if nothing else existed. My early favorites were science-fiction and fantasy, but fairly quickly I moved onto more intense works of fiction, including dystopia.

Beer or Divine Inspiration? Why I Wrote this Novel.

My youngest child was just six and the thought of what life he’d have when he was my age haunted me. It was all too much. I was on overload, and I took to bed. I cried often and didn’t want my kids to see. I had a hard time interacting with them lest grief overtake me. I wasn’t eating or sleeping. Weeks passed with only marginal functionality on my part, and I knew I had to do something.